Fighting Super Bug Infection with Nanotherapeutics and Nanovaccines

The Wet Lab is hosting an antibiotic-resistant bacteria lecture at the San Diego Central Library on Thursday, May 18 from 6:30pm – 7:30pm.  Prof. Liangfang Zhang, from UCSD, Department of Nanoengineering and Moores Cancer Center UCSD will discuss the current technologies and strategies for fighting “super bug” bacteria which have evolved to resist all known antibiotics.

Figure: pathogenic bacteria and toxin nanosponge

The threat of antibiotics-resistant bacterial infections poses great challenges to the public health and demands bold and innovative approaches for disease treatment and prevention. The development of new antimicrobial drugs has failed to keep pace with the rise of antimicrobial-resistant bacteria. To address the waning effectiveness of classical antibiotics treatments, anti-virulence therapies and vaccines are becoming compelling strategies against antimicrobial resistance. At this lecture I’ll discuss a toxin-absorbing nanoparticle platform (also called “toxin nanosponge”) as a new virulence factor-based therapeutic candidate against invasive bacterial infections. The toxin nanosponge technique also reduces the selective pressure for further antibiotic resistance because no antibiotics are involved in the treatment.

This event is part of the San Diego Wetlab’s citizen science lecture series held every first Tuesday at 6:30pm at the La Jolla Library and every third Thursday at 6:30pm at the Downtown Library.   Please check the San Diego library system events page for location details and changes in the upcoming schedule.


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