Developing Drugs to Stop Cancer in its Tracks

The Wet Lab is hosting a cancer drug development lecture at the La Jolla Library on Tuesday, May 2nd, from 6:30pm – 7:30pm.  Bryn Taylor, graduate student in the medical sciences program at UCSD, will explain how scientists design drugs that precisely target carcinogenic proteins and cells.

Figure: target cancer protein in cell wall, Bryn Taylor, UCSD

Using mathematical models, we predict new drug binding sites on a protein that controls cancer cell migration. These new binding sites are revealed by comparing the dynamic motions of the inactive and active state of the protein. The goal is to develop a drug that will “lock” the protein into the inactive state, rendering the protein non-functional and stopping the spread of cancer in the patient’s body.

This event is part of the San Diego Wetlab’s citizen science lecture series held every first Tuesday at 6:30pm at the La Jolla Library and every third Thursday at 6:30pm at the Downtown Library.   Please check the San Diego library system events page for location details and changes in the upcoming schedule.

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