Evolution of springy feet in the desert-adapted jerboa

The San Diego Wet Lab is hosting an evolutionary biology lecture on December 15th, 2016, from 6:30pm – 7:30pm at the San Diego Central Library.  Kim Cooper, PhD from UCSD will discuss the evolution and development of limbs of jumping desert mammals.  This local professor’s work has been featured on PRI’s Science Friday.


The three-toed jerboa is a bipedal rodent with extremely long hind legs and a variety of musculoskeletal modifications that allow the animals to leap about in the vast open deserts. Our lab studies the mechanisms acting early in development to shape these extraordinary limbs in order to more broadly understand what controls limb size and structure.

This event is part of the San Diego Wetlab’s citizen science lecture series held every first Tuesday at 6:30pm at the La Jolla Library and every third Thursday at 6:30pm at the Downtown Library.   Please check the San Diego library system events page for location details and changes in the upcoming schedule.


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