The Iron Hypothesis: How algae growing around Antarctica can affect the climate in La Jolla

Jeff McQuaid from the J. Craig Venter Institute will give our next lecture at the La Jolla Riford library on Tuesday May 3rd, 2016 at 6pm.

The Iron Hypothesis How algae growing around Antarctica can affect the climate in La Jolla

Algae absorb more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than any other organism and play an important role in both the carbon cycle and climate dynamics.  This week’s lecture explains how some species of algae have evolved to develop an extraordinary mechanism to harvest iron from the ocean despite the low concentrations of iron found there, resulting in faster growth rates and possibly increased biological carbon sequestration.

After the lecture, there will be a Q+A session with the speaker to address any questions you may have.  Hope to see you there!


In defense of basic research: the case of cell division, Dr. Aaron Groen

Citizen Science - Spring 2016

Don’t miss our next lecture downtown at 6pm, Thursday 4/21 at the Central Library!  Cell division is a fundamental biological process underlying the growth and proliferation of all life on earth. Dr. Aaron Groen will use his research into the basic mechanisms of cytokinesis as an example for the enduring value and general interest of basic biological research.