From Molecules to Mind

Our next Citizen Science lecture at the La Jolla Library on Aug 2nd at 6:30pm.  La Jolla’s Dr. Ed Gerck will discuss the current state of research on consciousness and the mind, and how complex systems such as consciousness can emerge from physical organs like the brain.


Many researchers assume that any process in the brain can be investigated using natural sciences: physics, biology, neuroscience.  Even though the mind is often described as resulting only from brain activity, it has so far defied a scientific explanation or model in terms of natural science.

This event is part of the San Diego Wetlab’s citizen science lecture series held every first Tuesday at 6:30pm at the La Jolla Library and every third Thursday at 6:30pm at the Downtown Library.   Please check the San Diego library system events page for location details and changes in the upcoming schedule.

From Atoms to Black Holes

Our next Wetlab citizen science lecture is at the La Jolla Library on Tuesday July 5 at 6pm.  Dr. Ed Gerck will discuss the evolution of physics over the past 150 years.

The Big Idea In Science (From Atoms to Black Holes)

Over the past 150 years physics has gone from a science of testable, relative relationships between variables to a science of invariable, universally valid absolutes. Dr. Ed Gerck will explain how this Big Idea in physics has been applied successfully from atoms to black holes and will eventually spread to biology, economics, and even politics.”

Mark2Cure: Harnessing Citizen Scientists’ ability to read to advance biomedical research

Dr. Andrew Su of Mark2Cure will present the next Wetlab lecture on Tuesday June 7th at 6pm at the La Jolla Library.   We will discuss a citizen science crowdsourcing application that accelerates biomedical discovery and innovation!   Learn how anyone can get involved with finding the next cure for rare diseases!

Mark2Cure June 7 2016Mark2Cure is a citizen science application that empowers volunteers to identify new concepts and relationships communicated in the recent biomedical literature.  This information helps scientist find relevant information amid the rapidly expanding biomedical literature.  Please join us for a lecture by Dr. Andrew Su to learn how you can help find a cure for the ultra-rare disease called NGLY1-deficiency.

Exploring Coral Reef Ecosystems

Please join our next workshop at the La Jolla Library on June 4th, 2016 at 3pm to explore coral reef ecosystems and food webs!

Exploring Coral Reef Ecosystems

Overfishing removes top predators from the coral reef ecosystem resulting in drastic changes in food web dynamics.   In this workshop, participants will learn how to identify common reef organisms and build their own model food webs to take home.  This exercise will educate participants about the structure of food webs across the oceans, from the Pacific to the Caribbean.

Pre-registration is required, please sign up at

Shooting the Moon: Getting Down with Gravity

Dr. Eric Michelsen, UCSD will give our next lecture at the Central Library on Thursday May 19th, at 6pm.  We will discuss how to measure gravity with precision.

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The APOLLO project provides the best test of gravity in the world: we measure the distance to the moon within the thickness of a dime. This is an important test of Einstein’s theory of general relativity, and so far, Einstein’s theory passes with flying colors.  At this lecture we explain this exciting project, how it works, and some of its challenges and successes.

The Iron Hypothesis: How algae growing around Antarctica can affect the climate in La Jolla

Jeff McQuaid from the J. Craig Venter Institute will give our next lecture at the La Jolla Riford library on Tuesday May 3rd, 2016 at 6pm.

The Iron Hypothesis How algae growing around Antarctica can affect the climate in La Jolla

Algae absorb more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than any other organism and play an important role in both the carbon cycle and climate dynamics.  This week’s lecture explains how some species of algae have evolved to develop an extraordinary mechanism to harvest iron from the ocean despite the low concentrations of iron found there, resulting in faster growth rates and possibly increased biological carbon sequestration.

After the lecture, there will be a Q+A session with the speaker to address any questions you may have.  Hope to see you there!


In defense of basic research: the case of cell division, Dr. Aaron Groen

Citizen Science - Spring 2016

Don’t miss our next lecture downtown at 6pm, Thursday 4/21 at the Central Library!  Cell division is a fundamental biological process underlying the growth and proliferation of all life on earth. Dr. Aaron Groen will use his research into the basic mechanisms of cytokinesis as an example for the enduring value and general interest of basic biological research.

Bioinformatics II: Exploring Genomes!


Come to the next workshop April 2, 3pm at the La Jolla Riford Library!  Back due to popular demand! In this workshop we will dive deeper into online databases to explore genetic information from humans and other species in its biological context. No experience or participation in previous workshops necessary, all you need is basic computer skills. Bring a laptop if you have one. We also have a limited number of laptops for participants to use.  Please sign up through

Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease Using Human Stem Cells with Dr. Jessica Young, UCSD/Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine

Understanding Alzheimer's Disease Using Human Stem Cells

The molecular basis of late-onset sporadic Alzheimer’s disease (SAD), the most common form of the disorder, is still poorly understood. We hypothesize that each individual harbors genetic factors that either predispose to or protect from disease. Dr. Jessica Young will discuss her research using human pluripotent stem cells and genome-editing technology to analyze SAD phenotypes in the laboratory where her research is uncovering pathways that can be targeted with novel therapies.  Join us Tuesday April 5 at 6pm at the La Jolla Riford Library to learn more!